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The workforce available to businesses in Chemung County has a strong work ethic and diverse work experience—including high-tech—that you won’t find in other communities our size.
Our proximity to over a dozen colleges and universities, many with idea-incubation and research facilities, ensure a steady supply of qualified graduates for high-tech positions. And as the main metropolitan area in a semi-rural region, we draw people from surrounding counties in the Southern Tier of New York state as well as the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania, so there are always able workers to meet your staffing needs at all skill levels.
Corning Community College's Office of Workforce Development and Community Education provides comprehensive workforce development services and education to individuals and businesses to support economic growth and development in the region. Whether you are an individual looking to enhance specific job skills or a company looking to customize training for its workforce, the Workforce Development Office can assist you with enhancing skills in order to compete in today's economic climate. An array of consultant services and training are available in such areas as:

Lean Concepts/Process Management

  • Project Management
  • Organizational Assessment
  • Human Resources
  • SolidWorks® and AutoCAD
  • Supervisory/Leadership
  • WorkKeys®

Professional Certification training is available in:

  • Real Estate
  • Grade C and D Water Treatment
  • ServSafe Food Handling
  • OSHA 10
Chemung Schuyler Steuben Workforce New York and its community partners provide workforce development programs to businesses in our region, including customized training programs and financial assistance to meet the on-the-job training and professional development needs of your company. It also provides regularly updated regional workforce data and information.

Workforce Information and Analysis for the Elmira MSA

Labor Market Profile - June 2012

"Following is the latest update of the Southern Tier Region’s Expansion and Contraction Report.  This is a compilation of relatively higher profile news items brought to the attention of the Southern Tier Region’s office of the NYS Department of Labor, Division of Research and Statistics.  The profile level is a subjective view of this office and the report is by no means a complete listing of all expansions/openings or contractions/closings gathered by this office or active throughout the region.  A more complete listing of news items gathered by this office is available upon request.”  
Expansions and Contractions - Southern Tier Region - Updated June 21, 2012